A letter from Travis the Owner of Perkies Coffee Haus:

I’m frequently asked, “What made you want to start a coffee shop?” The answer is pretty simple, it’s to help kids. Earlier in the year I suffered some major heath setbacks with having 3 heart surgeries, liver, kidney, and bone marrow failure, mass thyroid problems and then was hospitalized for an internal staph infection that was around a pacemaker I had inserted years ago. As I looked out the hospital window I began to appreciate the little things in life. Something as simple as the hospital landscape brought much joy to me from my hospital windows.

I knew at this point in my life, if all went well I would become a better person. I saw a need in a horrible economy to get kids jobs and felt someone should do something about it. I wanted to be that sponsor for a team that someone could be proud of. I knew I couldn’t hire everybody but I could reach as many kids as possible. So I hired more than half of my staff from either high schools or colleges to give them their first job, and then went to the local high school art teachers and told them their students could sell the art off my walls to earn a little income. Currently I spend my days as a 4th grade teacher at Eastside Elementary and my nights at Perkies trying to make society better 1 cup at a time. Know this, you can probably get a similar product around town, maybe even in this parking lot, but when you spend your money in Perkies we use some of that money to give back to help develop the minds of the youth and the conditions in the community.




Travis Wilson